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Welcome to The Couch Pundit podcast where we discuss weekly events and various other synapse twitches from the brain of your intrepid host, for legal reasons you can call him Keego. Sports, politics, entertainment and anything else you can think of will be covered weekly. Contact the podcast Check out the website Enjoy, like and share everywhere!


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Hello from raining Dublin! Let’s chat about who is creepier, Donald Trump or Joe Biden? And why America is delighted to ignore their fellas creepiness in order to point out the opponents creepiness...
April 4, 2019
I’m on my way to Newstalk to chat in front of 350,000 people about Conor McGregor....... Is it an ambush???
March 26, 2019
Let’s chat about Ireland and it’s lazy sports media. How Netflix are numbing us to tragedy and how we’ve lost our way as a species
March 19, 2019
Let’s chat about the rollercoaster of emotions that is the ireland rugby team in this year’s 6 nations And let’s open the can of worms that was the Michael Jackson ‘documentary’ finding nev...
March 14, 2019
Episode 87 Hating traffic!
February 19, 2019
After a break we are back! And today we talk about Declan Rice choosing England over Ireland and why we always talk ourselves down The...
February 14, 2019
Happy Friday! Laugh at brexit, talk about my teeth and rugby
November 16, 2018
Happy Friday ! We are back! Today let’s burn work bridges and talk about rugby Have a good weekend
November 2, 2018
Happy Monday? Are we good people!? Leinster in Europe and dealing with bad news
October 22, 2018
Happy hump day Let’s chat about the things we can’t say out loud Like, enjoy and share
October 17, 2018
Happy Tuesday!   Lets chat about bisexual people being bullied, the weekends rugby and women in sport
October 16, 2018
Happy Monday! Let’s chat about bi-bullying again, the weekends rugby and women in sport Like, share and enjoy everywhere
October 15, 2018
Happy Friday! So, is bi-bullying a thing? The Heineken cup is on! Like,share and enjoy
October 12, 2018
Happy Monday We know what the media will say after the weekend so let’s prepare ourselves
October 8, 2018
Happy human day We talk about how backwards the governments values are, politics, being wanked at and slim world
October 3, 2018
Happy Monday! Let’s chat about Miggeldy asking for money, mad American judges and winning ugly
October 1, 2018
Happy Wednesday Let’s have a serious chat about the problem of rape culture
September 26, 2018
Happy Monday! We chat about Ireland falling into the same political traps as America and obesity being a nice word for fat
September 24, 2018
Happy Friday! The mac is back and I'm delighted! Let's look at last nights press conference
September 21, 2018
Happy hump day! I've nothing to talk about
September 19, 2018
Happy Monday! Let's chat about our rush to be offended as a way of avoiding discussion, serena Williams and police
September 17, 2018
Lets chat about Serena Williams, is it a womens rights issue or a spoiled child issue?
September 12, 2018
Happy humpday! This morning we are still talking about Serena Williams, unfortunately
September 12, 2018
Happy Monday! Let’s chat about serena Williams being a baby! John Bruton talking about aborting babies and suicide prevention week Like,share ...
September 10, 2018
Happy Friday! I heard the phrase incel today and found it hilarious! Can I chat to you about my job? And let’s burn down the house Lik...
September 7, 2018
Happy hump day! welcome to episode 69!   Lets chat about the world applauding obesity for fear of being called a fat shamer. Lets also chat about or love of plastic surgery and big bums www.thecouchp...
September 5, 2018
Happy hump day! welcome to episode 69!   Lets chat about the world applauding obesity for fear of being called a fat shamer. Lets also chat about or love of plastic surgery and big bums www.thecouchp...
September 5, 2018
Happy Monday! Let’s chat about why protesting El Trumpo’s visit is a childish and cynical waste of energy and look at the real way of dealing with his visit Also, the beautiful game of rugby is ba...
September 3, 2018
Happy Thursday! I’m really annoyed about my job, enjoy my rant and please advise me on what I should do
August 30, 2018
Happy Sunday! The pope is here and I’m beyond angry about it! Enjoy and correct any points that are incorrect Please share
August 26, 2018
Happy hump day! Random thought Wednesday. Chatting about contract work, companies valuing employees, self worth and the leaving cert. I also chat about the worst teacher I ever had in school Www.thec...
August 15, 2018
Happy Tuesday! Let’s chat about stupid cyclists, public masturbation and the waste of time that is the gym
August 14, 2018
Happy Friday! We talk about the culture of housing lists and being human beings to each other Guaranteed to offend as usual!
August 10, 2018
Happy Tuesday ...... I think!!! Let’s talk about consent and how the media are simplifying a horrifically difficult thing Like, enjoy...
August 7, 2018
The Couch Pundit from the vault.   In another long lost episode, lets chat about leaving my prevous job and the thoughts that go through someones head just as they realise that paying bils is going t...
August 4, 2018
Guess who's back!   After losing the file to the deepest, darkest and most perverte parts of the internet. I have found it and here it is for your ears. Garaunteed to offend.   www.thecouchpunditire...
August 4, 2018
Happy Tuesday! Let’s talk about losing a job, interviews, wobbly teeth and our value in the workplace Spread the word!
July 3, 2018
Happy Monday! Let's chat about women priests.... And Ireland finishing their tour of Australia with a big win
June 25, 2018
Happy Tuesday? Let's talk about our feelings and why we care so much about what strangers think.....
June 19, 2018
Happy Monday? Let's chat about computer addictions, they're not real. People love a foetus but hate babies... And Ireland v Australia 2!
June 18, 2018
Happy hump day! Let's chat about the madness that is people calling Hilary Clinton a role model for women. Trinity college are giving her an honour doctorate which is madness. This leads to #metoo cha...
June 13, 2018
Happy Monday! The good times are back, according to our government . Just wondering where they are. Ireland v Australia The weekends fighting! Thecouchpunditireland@gmai...
June 11, 2018
Happy Monday! Last weekend we put our arms around our women and supported them owning their bodies and Leinster won the double Not a bad one F...
May 28, 2018
Happy Monday! Make sure you vote! This is too important to let an excuse take away women's rights!
May 21, 2018
I was going to try and leave you alone this sunny day but the amount of debates and circus freak shows about the 8th amendment have driven me to rant central! Have a listen, get in touch if you disagr...
May 16, 2018
Happy Monday! Let's chat about the beginnings of a rugby dynasty and why people are complaining about a royal wedding taking place in Ireland Thecouchpunditireland@...
May 14, 2018
Happy hump day! We have a serious chat about the 8th amendment and a less serious chat about ducks riding each other in a pond in south county Dublin Enjoy and share T...
May 9, 2018
EPISODE 50!!!! How did we get this far? Let's chat about mad Kanye, fat shaming, vaginas and a mythical quintuple entendre Thanks to anyone who has listened over the 50, do keep spreading the word The...
May 2, 2018
Happy Thursday We cover it all today! Running, voting for women to own their vaginas and surrounding body parts along with orgies Enjoy
April 26, 2018
Happy Monday! Fighting through yawning we talking about bad parents, rugby and the 8th amendment Get your s...
April 23, 2018

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